Make a Homemade Battery
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Make a Your Own Homemade Electroscope!

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You can make a working electroscope from a jar, a large bolt, some tin foil, cardboard, and tape. You pass a charged rod near the top and electrons travel down to the foil leaves, causing them to repel each other.

  • Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the top of a jar. Place a large bolt (as shown) through the cardboard and tape two leaves of aluminum foil to the bolt. Tape the assembly tot he top of the jar.
  • Rub a glass rod or a large plastic rod on fur or fuzzy fabric to generate static. Place the rod near the end of the bolt and the foil leaves will separate when electrons travel down to the foil.
  • When the leaves are separated, touch the top of the bolt and observe what happens.
  •  When the leaves are separated, touch the top of the bolt with a metal rod and observe what happens.
  • Another way to make this electroscope is place a small rod through the cardboard with an "L" bend in the bottom.  Hang a strip of foil over the "L" and place a 3/4" sphere of crushed foil on the top of the rod.

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