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School In Your Home! Educational Enrichment Activities!

The educational enrichment activities listed below can be a great asset to children in public school, private school, or home school.

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ACTIVITIES LISTED BY SUBJECT- Click on a subject below or an activity in the table below
 Writing  |  Math  |  History  |  Reading  |  Science  |  Health  |  Spelling  |  Art   |  Misc.

Family Newspaper
Kids Writing Novels
Children's Books
10-Minute Grammar Lessons



Guess My Rule
How To Get Free Algebra Books
Homeschool Algebra Curriculum
Math Blaster Space Game
Math Videos & Lessons
Magic 9's Add & Multiply Drills!
Is Saxon Math Right For You?
Free Multiplcation Worksheets
Math Practice Tests<-New!


Educational TV
Filtered Movies
History Timelines



Wally McDougal - Popular!



Build an Electric Motor
Science Encyclopedia
Computer Microscope
Electron Experiment
Make a Simple Battery
Build Your Own Electroscope
Energy Conservation
Electromagnetism Video
Jr. High Science Curriculum Weather Unit and Lessons
Tornado in a Jar!
Weather Simulation Chamber
Weather Data Experiment

Health/Phy Ed.

Obstacle Course
Super Size Me
Backyard Baseball Games


Spelling & Vocabulary

Vocabulary Cartoons
Spelling & Jobs
Ongoing Spelling Lists
Dictionary Scrabble Game



4-H Fair Art
Napkin Beanbags
Multicultural Picture Frame


Educational Vacations
Learn Spanish As a Family

Internet Safety Tips
Set Up Your Own Free Internet Filter


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